November SciBar

The Park Tavern

The Park Tavern


How Artificial Intelligence compliments Human Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is truly a General Purpose Technology (GPT) and will be become embedded into everything we do in our personal and work lives – nothing will be untouched by AI. It is often compared to electricity as being so ubiquitous, disruptive and revolutionary. But what really is AI and what it is not? How will humans interact with the technology? Will it take over, replace our jobs, make life easier, or more difficult? We will explore how AI is being implemented today, some of its history and the future developments. AI has been around at least since 1956 but why after going through a number of “AI Winters” and disappointments is it succeeding today and here to stay? The presentation will demonstrate live some of its capabilities – don’t worry no coding required!

Event starts 6.30 pm

Anyone from Junior School age onward is very welcome. You don’t need to be an expert. Just bring an inquisitive mind!

Admission is free and as always arrive early to guarantee a good seat.

Food will be served from 5pm until 8pm.


Monday 25th November


The Park Tavern