Discussion at The Park

The Park Tavern

The Park Tavern


Social Media; Is it dangerous?

e.g. False news, dangerous messages for children?
Or with the correct regulation could it be a force for good? DISCUSS. -Tony Wood

1. Who uses social media?
2. What forms does it take?
3. How is it dangerous?
4. Are certain age groups more vulnerable than others? And why?
5. News last month of a teen being encouraged to kill herself by an online community inspired this topic, as a group have we become aware of other stories where social media has caused personal or media reported harm?
6. What actions can be taken to protect against social media?
7. How is social media a force for good?
8. Do the benefits outweigh the harm?

Please arrive early to allow for a prompt start at 7:30pm.

The idea goes back to Socrates – asking big questions, discussing them with others and learning together in an informal way. The discussions are open to anyone from aged 16yrs onwards.

No prior knowledge required. Free of charge. Please arrive early to allow for a prompt start at 7:30pm.

Discussion at The Park – Macclesfield’s place where moral dilemmas, philosophical ideas and the real world meet for a discussion over a snack and a drink. The group is supported by an education charity – The Raymond Williams Foundation


Wednesday 23 March 2019 7:30pm


The Park Tavern